Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wallbox 0.4.2 released!

Wallbox 0.4.2 released! on this version, we have some enhancement & features:

  • Enhancement window position: put system tray on bottom of screen? wallbox 0.4.2 include enhancement window position support to fix some window position issues. 
  • Translation support: now we have Traditional Chinese translation support, please refer wallbox.pot to translation to your language.
  • New icon set: thanks honki provide new icon set for wallbox.
  • Autoolize: we use autotool instead of setuptools.
Please download source code on github. And we also call for new icon-set proposal now. if you have any good idea, please mail to Yuren Ju (yurenju AT gmail DOT com)


  1. How can I activate wallbox in my facebook account? I always get error page when I try to activate it...

  2. Same here, what's the problem?

  3. Better yet, what's the solution?